Our employees know the region well, or if not, they will only be too pleased to find out or help you in any of your needs. Furthermore, we would like share information on places of interest to visit, local walks, national parks, areas to relax or shop in town, as well as local bars and restaurants etc, so that you may enjoy our city and region (Meta) fully. !

We know the sights, and we know the cool places to hang out, and we will do our best to make sure that your stay in this wonderful city is everything that it can be. Keep Calm and Stay at Mochileros Villavicencio!! !

Below is a list of just some of the ways in which you may wish to indulge your senses in this magical, colourful and often missed region. We promise you that a visit to Mochileros and Villavicencio, will be a memorable experience.

15. View beautiful Llanero sunrises and sunsets in Meta.

From a nice viewpoint, why not wake up that little bit extra early one day, and experience a unique sunrise or sunset to start, complete or compliment your day!

Typically the best sunsets are when you take the time to visit the countryside, or visit a natural setting late in the afternoon to see the sun laying down his hat and handing over the reigns to the moon.

14. Experience Llanero cowboy activities (coleo).

Visit Malocas Park (Parque Las Malocas) – check for events – to see spectacular shows with LLanero cowboys and horses demonstrating their rodeo skills in capturing cows, dancing horses, and much much more! 

Look out for at least two other shows too such as The Cowgirl’s International World Cup in March, and The World Coleo Championships in October.

13. Take part in LLanero Joropo dance shows/activities.

Visit Malocas Park (Parque Las Malocas) to take part in a short scheduled dance class to practice this sweet traditional dance of the Llano (check for scheduled times and events).

Alternatively experience some Joropo whilst enjoying a typical llanero carvery in the area of Restrepo, or seek out a local Joropo dance school. Of course, there is the Joropo International Dance Tournament which takes place towards the end of June, to the beginning of July, where the streets of Villavicencio are packed with colourful and joyous events.

12. Take a colourful Chiva party bus around town.

What better way to experience a place with new friends, or existing ones, than to take a colourful party bus, with Colombian music, and a few drinks around the famous places of the city! I left it two years before having the chance to take one – don’t leave it so long!

11. The Rock of Love and Buenavista viewpoints.

For those that want an escape from the city, and just a short distance away, is a beautiful scenic view of the city. As you leave the metropolis behind, and head way up into the mountains, you instantly feel fresh and invigorated. !

Buenavista is the first and most easily accessible viewpoint and is an easy drive or taxi ride away. Local buses pass only as far as the areas of La Panorama, and Galan. Use binoculars, or sit in the romantic couples balcony to enjoy a drink and time together. The second viewpoint is a further 10/15 minutes drive further up the mountain and is owned by a local artist who has an obsession with frogs! Buy some souvenirs, sample some local food and drinks, or just enjoy the view or even combine all three!

10.  Watching local Llanera dolphins at Puerto Gaitán.

We know; you just can’t believe that there are dolphins in the department of Meta. Heading east out of Villavicencio, some 200km away, and heading on the road to Venezuala, you will meet the town of Puerto Gaitan. So, now you know, and you don’t even need to head to The Amazon to swim with the dolphins – and yes, you really can swim with them!

9. Agro Ecological Park Merecure at Puerto Lopez.

Touted as Latin America’s largest agro-ecological park, the park is situated at Kilometer 47, close to Puerto López and near the geographical centre of Colombia. The park comprises extreme water sports along with much milder forms of entertainment including an artificial beach, lodging, camping, fishing, and a zoo.

8.  A boat journey on the Manacacias and Yucao rivers of Meta.

What can be more special than viewing the world, or in this case the landscape from a speed boat (lancha). Be whisked away, bouncing on the waves to take a memorable journey on these two beautiful rivers. Watch a sunset, or spot animals, as well as learn about the local area and environment.

7. Visit and enjoy: Malocas Park, The Plaza of Freedom, The Park of Life, and the Ocarros Ecological Park.

a) Visit Malocas Park (Parque Las Malocas) to see some unique sculptures of Colombian myths and legends: The ball of fire (La Bola De Fuego), El Anima de Santa Helena, Juan Machete (Large Knife Juan – Juan with a large knife)! Watch a dance show, or even participate; view traditional relics, enjoy the gardens, or attend when there is an event to have an even more memorable day!

b) Visit The Plaza of Freedom (Plaza Los Libertadores). As per almost every Colombian city, town, and village, this is the central plaza where many folks come to relax at any time of the day, or visit the local banks and local shops, often housed in traditional buildings.

c) The Park of Life (Parque de la Vida). Owned by Cofrem, a private health company, the park offers a wealth of water sports activities, including slides, shoots, and swimming pools, as well as bowling with very advanced software to improve your game. There is also table tennis, quad biking, volleyball, football, basketball and more – something for all family!

d) The Ocarros Ecological Park (Bioparque los Ocarros) – Villavicencio. The biopark houses animals of the region and works closely with the environmental authorities to preserve the local fauna.

6.  Visit the area of Menegua, (the ‘belly button, or navel’ of Colombia in Puerto López.

Represented at the Obelisk monument that symbolizes four faces highlighting the ethnography, industry, livestock and agriculture, flora and fauna, landscape of high plains and river. This site was declared as an Ecological Cultural and Tourism of the Municipality of Puerto López . Coordinates: Latitude North 40º 05 ’45’ ‘and West Longitude 72º 57’ 30 ”, is located at a distance of 90 km from Villavicencio. The altitude ranges between 130 and 350 above sea level. The average annual temperature fluctuates between 24.8°C and 26.8°C.’

5. Rafting in the village of Puente Abadía

Rafting in the village of Puente Abadía in the municipality of Restrepo or in the Ariari River in Cubarral. Take to the river and experience the white water rapids in a specially constructed dinghy. Make sure you strap on your life jackets, and your helmets for safety, and try not to fall in!

4.  Cultural Festival and Folklore event in San Martin.

Situated some 65kms away and heading south of Villavicencio towards Granada, the journey takes around 1.5 hours by road. San Martin is one of the oldest cities in Colombia steeped in cultural tradition and folklore. Expect to experience reenactments of ancient battles, learn about the history, and ancient ethnic groups of Colombia.

3. Short walks in the forest

Find or ask about local walks Mochileros hostel into the various forests surrounding Villavicencio, or take a form of transport to explore further afield. Rent, or borrow a bike, or take a bus. Wherever you go, you will be sure to have a great time!

2.  Bathe in pristine waterfalls.

Search out beautiful waterfalls, streams and cascades, sufficiently far away from the city.

Find your own little oasis in which to enjoy a refreshing dip and swim, or just let the sound of the flowing water ease your stress away! Follow a pre-designated route through a guide book, or ask locals, and encounter one of the many local waterfalls in and around Villavicencio..

1. Caño crystales: the most beautiful river in the world (La Macanera)

It’s not our description, but a widely quoted opinion – I mean, where else can you experience a river of 5 captivating colours?!

From late July through November, this is what most people come to Villavicencio to experience. Just a short flight away from our local Vanguardia airport on a small airplane  you will have an amazing experience on the flight alone!. Located in the Serrania de la Macarena province of Meta. It’s a tributary of the Guayabero River

Thank you for your attention. If you need more info just let us know. Mochileros Hostel provides useful tips and help to get those amazing places. And remember to stay at Mochileros Hostel. Just press this button.

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